A Pictoral History of Science Fiction — David Kyle

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This title is more than twenty-five years old, so the very recent advances in the genre won’t appear. This is irrelevant since that is not the main focus of the book. A Pictorial History of Science Fiction uses book and magazine covers, comic book and graphic novel illustrations, television and motion picture stills, movie posters, and even 250-year-old woodblock carvings to illustrate the evolution of science fiction as a whole.

173 Pages 
1979 • First Edition
No visible ISBN
British Science Fiction Association Award for Special Award (1976)

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“For purveyors of Sci-Fi and collectors of the old, this is a book for you. Nevermind the battered dust jacket, this book is good shape from being used heavily in a painter's studio for reference in his work for over 20 years. It was bestowed to me as a gift, and after using it for 3 years, it's time for someone else to enjoy the wonderful splendor of original sci-fi works.” — Ameer Carter 

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