Payment Information

Pricing and Currency

Item prices may vary depending on the country and region the order is being shipped to, as well as the currency being used to pay for the item(s).

In order to ensure the most accurate pricing, taxes and delivery fees while browsing, please select the desired shipping country at the bottom of any page.

Payment Method

Sirsu Goods accepts payment via MasterCard, Paypal, American Express and Visa. We are working to accept other payment types to accomodate for international customers.

Our website is designed to facilitate easy and convenient payment. However, orders can also be placed by calling Customer Service.

Please note: only one method of payment will be accepted per transaction.

Charging Your Card

Once an order has been placed, the funds allocated for that purchase will be temporarily on hold -- this is the standard pre-authorization period. While this is not an official charge, it is a step towards ensuring there are sufficient funds in the account to successfully complete the transaction.

The amount owed will only be officially deducted from your account once the order has been approved. At that point, the order will be prepared for shipment and the initial pre-authorization charge will automatically be voided.

Cancelling an order will result in the immediate voiding of the transaction. Please note that it may take your bank additional time to allocate the funds back into the account and update your statement.

Personal Information

As an online retailer, data and information security is of the utmost importance to us. Our customer process is thorough, secure and rigorous, ensuring that all information shared is protected and explicitly confidential.

For more information on our security network and data protection processes, visit our Privacy Policy.
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