We work best as a community.

As such, the team at Sirsu Goods decided to keep our shop open with two conditions—that this store is also a place to gather resources to help your fellow neighbor during the COVID-19 crisis and that proceeds from a
will be donated to relief funds listed below. With the help of our close friends and family are a set of tools to volunteer, donate and contribute your time to those who need it most. Politics aside, what’s good for the collective we, is almost always just as good if not great for you too. 

Remember, to stay safe, be vigilant, keep your hands washed and practice social distancing and isolation. For all orders made during this time, please allow for 3-4 weeks for shipping. Certain states have adjusted shipping times and days of operation. We will work to ensure we coordinate with them to give you the most accurate date of delivery. Thank you for your patience.

Sirsu Goods Team.

Resources for COVID-19


If you are able bodied, not sick and of sound mind, find out who in your community is alone and/or indisposed  to assist in shopping essential items for them. This is not just the elderly, but anyone whose condition prevents them from doing it themselves.

For a guide on how to do this volunteer guide ︎

As we are based in the state of New York, there are several funds you can contribute to, that helps freelance artists, musicians, creative talent, gig + seasonal workers, those in hospitaltity and the food industry funds to help with their rent, bills and other expenses.

NYC Low-Income Artist/Freelancer Relief Fund ︎

GoFundMe List of COVID-19 Funds ︎

Essential Shopping List

Travel With
Disinfecting Wipes
Disinfecting Spray
Hand Sanitizer

Always Have Handy
Bar Soap
Anti-bacterial Hand Soap
Body Wash

Find these products are your local bodega and/or grocery store. Your mom & pop shops will be stocked more than Target is and you’ll be helping them stay afloat during the crisis. Map coming soon.
Small Business Support

U.S. Small Business Administration ︎
A list of resources and loans to support businesses during COVID-19.

Your Friends In NYC — $50K Relief for Minority Owned Businesses ︎
Pyer Moss is working with a group to help creatives keep their businesses afloat. 

Emergency Funds + Artist Resources ︎
If you’re looking for funds to tap into or donate, look at the comprehensive list compiled by I Care If You Listen.

Finimpact Small Business Survival Guide ︎
A comprehensive guide to inform you about COVID-19, it’s impact to you and your business, along with a multitude of resources to keep you afloat. 

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